WTO panel to examine EU duties on Argentine biodiesel

The dispute (DS473) between Argentina and the EU over the latter's imposition of antidumping duties on biodiesel imports from the South American economy has advanced to the panel stage at the global trade arbiter, after a second request last week.

Algae cultivation, biodiesel project to be demoed in Portugal

The project, to be located in Portugal, integrates heterotrophic and phototrophic production technologies, using glycerin from biodiesel production as a carbon source to the heterotrophic unit and validating biomass output for biodiesel conversion.

Iowa legislature passes key, progressive biodiesel incentive

The legislation, a producer incentive in the form of a 2-cent-per-gallon refundable credit on the first 25 million gallons of biodiesel produced in any single plant, extends the credit, set to expire at the end of this year, through 2017.

Biodiesel leads GHG reductions in British Columbia fuels

Biodiesel use in British Columbia contributed the single largest reduction (33 percent of total) of greenhouse gases from the province's renewable and low carbon fuel regulation, the government said, eliminating more than 296,000 tons of GHGs.

Ill. biodiesel producer to clean up waterways after soy oil spill

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced a court order requiring a biodiesel production facility to implement new operating procedures and install equipment designed to prevent overflows of contaminating substances after a soybean oil spill.

Global diesel engine sales forecast to rise 7.7 percent a year

Global diesel engine sales are forecast to rise 7.7 percent per year through 2017 to $248.5 billion, representing a marked acceleration from the 2007-'12 pace, according to "World Diesel Engines," a report published this month by The Freedonia Group.

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WEBINAR: Commercializing Biodiesel Production at Ethanol Plants

May 8-8, 2014
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May 22-22, 2014
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June 9-12, 2014
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2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference

August 14-17, 2014
Piedmont Biofuels
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October 13-15, 2014
Hyatt Minneapolis
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April 20-22, 2015
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