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A Reorganization of "Biodiesel Magazine" Management
Posted March 25, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

EcoSystem uses fly larva to make MAGFUEL

EcoSystem Corp. is working to develop a bioreactor technology that utilizes black soldier fly larva to convert food scrap waste into natural oils, which can be used as a feedstock for biodiesel production and specialty chemical applications. The natural oil that is produced has been trademarked by the company as MAGFUEL.READ MORE

Studies look at biodiesel in Ontario

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corp. has awarded $13,750 to the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corp. to look at the feasibility of developing oilseed crops-such as canola and soybeans-for the production of biodiesel in the Sault St. Marie, Ontario, region.READ MORE BIOMASS Conference & Expo

Biodiesel conference for college students, faculty

The Biodiesel Project at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., will be hosting an intercollegiate biodiesel conference dubbed "Fueling the School" April 3-4 for students, faculty, and staff from academic institutions to learn about biodiesel production and research.READ MORE

Massachusetts heating oil supplier to offer BioPure

Townsend Oil & Propane Inc., a Boston-area fuel and energy services company, recently announced plans to begin supplying customers with biodiesel-blended home heating oil that contains between 2 and 5 percent biodiesel.READ MORE

Sapphire Energy is told banks no longer loan money

San Diego-based Sapphire Energy, a company working to convert algal oil into a synthetic diesel product known as "green crude" said it's still well-positioned to meet production goals but foresees financial issues if the federal government fails to provide financial assistance.READ MORE

Greenline Industries partners with ENGlobal

Biodiesel production equipment supplier Greenline Industries Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with engineering and project services provider ENGlobal to offer a single source to develop operational biodiesel production plants.READ MORE

Nova Biosource Fuels reports first quarter loss

In a preliminary financial report for the first quarter of 2009, Montana-based biodiesel producer Nova Biosource Fuels Inc. states it has experienced a net loss of approximately 11.15 million. As of Jan. 31, company assets totaled approximately $109.6 million; liabilities totaled approximately $110.5 million.READ MORE

Iowa, Arkansas consider biodiesel mandates

State legislatures in Iowa and Arkansas are considering bills that would require the use of B5. In Iowa, the bill would required all diesel fuel to be blended with 5 percent biodiesel starting July 1. In Arkansas the proposed legislation would mandate the use of B5 beginning Jan. 1, 2010.READ MORE

Ofgem issues decision on ROCs for biodiesel

According to a decision document published by Great Britain's Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, electricity generated through the use of biodiesel that was manufactured using fossil fuel-based methanol will not be eligible for Renewable Obligation Certificates. However, the certificates may be issued for electricity generated from biodiesel manufactured with biomass-derived methanol or ethanol.READ MORE

Verenium, Alfa Laval market enzymatic degummer

Verenium Corp., based in Cambridge, Mass., has signed an agreement with Alfa Laval to jointly market enzymatic degumming of vegetable oils using Verenium's Purifine PLC enzyme and Alfa Laval's engineering services and equipment.READ MORE
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