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National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Oh Replaces Ramsbottom as R.E.G. President

Renewable Energy Group, the nation's leading biodiesel manufacturer and marketer, today announced Daniel J. Oh, Chief Operating Officer, will transition into the role of President and Chief Operating Officer. Oh takes the reins from Nile Ramsbottom, who has served as Renewable Energy Group's president since the company's incorporation in 2006. Ramsbottom's leadership helped launch REG as a premier producer and marketer of high quality biodiesel.READ MORE

ARS: Glycerin performs well in swine, poultry rations

Swine and poultry performed well on diets supplemented with crude glycerin according to research described in the April issue of Agricultural Research, the monthly publication of the USDA's Agriculture Research Service. Pigs fed the crude glycerin were able to digest the feed supplement efficiently, and it provided them with a supply of caloric energy that basically equaled that of corn grain. In the poultry study, both layers and broilers were fed different levels of crude glycerin as part of the ration. Feeding studies with boilers showed similar positive results.READ MORE Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Four Rivers BioEnergy acquires V-Fuels Biodiesel plant

Aspiring biodiesel/ethanol producer Four Rivers BioEnergy Inc. announced it has acquired V-Fuels Biodiesel Ltd.'s biodiesel plant and accompanying assets located on a 140-acre site at Blyth, southeast Northumberland, England. The decision to acquire the plant was simple, according to Four Rivers President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Hudson. "The plant was available, and we were able to negotiate an acceptable deal," he told Biodiesel Magazine.READ MORE

Blackhawk Biofuels LLC completes upgrades to Danville plant

Blackhawk Biofuels LLC recently completed upgrades to its 45 MMgy facility in Danville, Ill. The $12 million project included the installation of multiple feedstock pretreatment and production upgrades, enhanced laboratory and testing facilities and improvements for storage and logistics capabilities. "Upgrades began in September [2008] to enhance the plant's vegetable oil-only process technology with new proprietary pretreatment and production technology," said Ron Mapes, chairman of Blackhawk Biofuels.READ MORE

WASDE: Soy ending stocks could be lowest in 15 years

USDA projected U.S. soybean ending stocks could be at their lowest at the end of the current marketing year since 2003-'04, due to strong exports and a reduced South American crop offsetting weaker domestic demand. While that boosted USDA's price projections for the soybean sector, it amounted to a modest increase of 1.5 cents per pound on the low end of its price forecast for soy oil to a range of 30 to 32 cents per pound for the 2008-'09 marketing year.READ MORE

Memphis Biofuels calls for expanded biodiesel support

Ken Arnold, CEO and president of Memphis Biofuels LLC, sought support for two enhancements to federal legislation in a letter emailed April 6 to members of the biodiesel industry. Arnold called for the national Renewable Fuels Standard goal for biodiesel be raised to at least 1 billion gallons by 2010, two years earlier than the RFS passed in the last energy bill. His second recommendation was to redirect the biodiesel subsidy.READ MORE

IRS Delays Biodiesel 'Cold Soak' Deadline for Tax Credit Eligibility

The Internal Revenue Service pushed back its deadline six months requiring biodiesel to meet the latest version of ASTM D 6751 to legitimately claim the dollar-per-gallon tax credit. The latest version of D 6751 includes a Cold Soak Filtration Test. As a result of IRS's extension, biodiesel meeting the previous version of D 6751 � the version without a CSFT � is still eligible until IRS's new enforcement date, Oct. 1.READ MORE
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