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NBB starts an RFS2 Action Center
Posted July 1, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Kinder Morgan completes first commercial shipment of biodiesel

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP announced June 30 that Plantation Pipeline Company is the first in the United States to transport biodiesel for commercial purposes-B5 on a mainline segment of the pipeline. "The company injected B99 into ultra low sulfur diesel at Plantation's Collins, Miss., pump station and breakout tank farm creating a 15,000 barrel batch of B5 that it then shipped to marketing terminals in Athens, Ga., and Roanoke, Va.," KMP stated. "Upon receipt of the product at both facilities, Kinder Morgan performed testing on samples from the batch and found that the samples arrived on specification."READ MORE

DieselGreen Fuels launches Biodiesel Control Center

Collecting used cooking oils from restaurants for biodiesel production is a diligent and multifaceted task. For instance, there are 5,000 restaurants in the city of Austin, says Jason Burroughs of DieselGreen Fuels. Identifying potential customers, establishing collection routes and conducting titration tests on samples are all aspects of managing a waste grease-to-biodiesel business. "The Biodiesel Control Center is web-based software that helps new or future producers manage their business," Burroughs said. The Biodiesel Control Center website was launched in late June and is offering free trials through Aug. 1, when the commercial subscription service will then be available.READ MORE Fuel Ethanol Workshop

USDA: Soybean acres at record high, stocks down 12 percent

Planted soybean acreage for 2009 is at a record high and stocks in storage down some as reported by USDA it its acreage and grain stocks reports released June 30. USDA estimated soybean planted area for 2009 at a record high 77.5 million acres, up 2 percent from last year. Corn planted area in 2009 is estimated at 87.0 million acres, up 1 percent from last year but 7 percent below 2007. Soybeans stored in all positions on June 1, 2009, totaled 597 million bushels, down 12 percent from June 1, 2008. Corn stocks in all positions on June 1, 2009, totaled 4.27 billion bushels, up 6 percent from June 1, 2008.READ MORE

General Biodiesel completes purchase of Seattle biodiesel refinery

General Biodiesel Seattle LLC announces today that it has completed the acquisition of the former Seattle Biodiesel facility, a Seattle-based commercial biodiesel refinery, from Imperium Renewables Inc. General Biodiesel is converting the facility to produce biodiesel from waste oils such as recycled cooking oil and animal fat, which the company collects from restaurants and grocery stores around the region.READ MORE

St. Louis researchers launch algae research

Researchers at two centers in St. Louis are gearing up to launch five-year research programs on algae, backed by U.S. DOE grants. The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center received $15 million and Washington University $20 million from the DOE's fund for Energy Frontier Research Centers. A total of 46 centers were funded from a pool of some 260 applications.READ MORE

House bill grandfathers biodiesel into RFS, orders study of indirect land use

The U.S. House of Representatives passed climate change legislation with language that would improve the Renewable Fuels Standard implementation for biodiesel. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, also known as the Waxman-Markey bill, passed by a narrow margin of 219 to 212 in the House on Friday, June 26. Among the provisions of a deal struck among the House leadership, biodiesel gets grandfathered in to the1 billion carve-out for biomass-based diesel without a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target, similar to the grandfather provision for ethanol.READ MORE
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