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National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Diversified Energy completes combustion system

Diversified Energy Corp. announced it has successfuly completed and demonstrated a glycerol combustion system that has been in development for three years. The system was developed by a team from North Carolina State University.READ MORE

Everpure Biodiesel Co-op begins selling fuel

Everpure Biodiesel Co-op in Erin Township, Ontario, began selling biodiesel to its members July 5. Through a self-sustaining food recycling loop, farmers produce locally grown edible oil crops, which are then turned into oil for local restaurants. The used oil is collected and manufactured into biodiesel.READ MORE Methes

BioWillie biodiesel to be on the road again

Almost three years to the day of his official launch of BioWillie biodiesel blended fuel at Carl's Corner truck stop near Dallas, Willie Nelson is back � performing free concerts to promote his signature blend of biodiesel. Nelson headlined a benefit concert at the site on June 30 as part of a grand preview which was held July 1-3 at the new Willie's Place at Carl's Corner. Shawne Horn, director of communications for Earth Biofuels, said they expect the trucking plaza to be operational by September and the filling station to be offering BioWillie biodiesel to its customers.READ MORE

Jatoil urges Australia to allow jatropha production

Australia-based Jatoil Ltd. is urging the Australian government to allow cultivation of the jatropha plant, which is currently banned as a weed in the country's northern regions.READ MORE

Producers consider feedstock costs, alternatives

Biodiesel plants around the nation are feeling the effects of rising soybean oil prices and futures. Soybean futures have been trading above the $16 level, and according to the Chicago Board of Trade, the price of soybean oil closed at $0.6671 per pound July 1.READ MORE

Gallagher Review calls for biofuels use to decrease

Rising food costs, exhaustion of natural resources and the elevation of greenhouse gases is a concern for the United Kingdom and European Union biofuels markets. Recently, the U.K. Renewable Fuels Agency's report "The Gallagher Review of the Indirect Effects of Biofuels Production" examined the indirect effects of biofuels, whether biofuels cause greenhouse gas emissions or harm to biodiversity by contributing to land-use change and the effect of biofuel on food prices.READ MORE

Committee advises DOE on biodiesel use

A National Research Council committee tasked with reviewing the 21st Century Truck Partnership has issued its findings. The committee recommends that the DOE continue its work with biodiesel developers and users to assure compatibility when blending biodiesel with regular diesel.READ MORE

Earthrace sets new world record

The biodiesel-powered ocean vessel Earthrace has set a new world record for a powerboat circumnavigating the globe. It took the crew and boat 60 days, 23 hours, and 49 minutes to travel from the Vulkan Shipyard in Sagunto, Spain, on April 27 to Sagunto, Spain, on June 27.READ MORE

Pennsylvania passes biofuels-friendly budget

Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell signed the state's 2008-'09 budget into law on July 4, ushering in new incentives for biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol producers. The Biofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act includes a mandate that gradually increases the amount of biodiesel to be blended into all diesel sold in Pennsylvania.READ MORE

Thurmond to chair algae R&D roundtable

The National Algae Association has created a new research and development collaborative to focus on accelerating algae commercialization for fuel production. Biofuels analyst Will Thurmond has been appointed to serve as chairman of research and development, as well as coordinate and facilitate a research and development roundtable for the innovation and commercialization of algae-based biofuels.READ MORE
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