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Bio-derived synthetic paraffinic kerosenes
Posted September 9, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

USB study: farmers received $2.5 billion over the last four years

Despite the increased use of tallow, rendered fats and recycled greases as feedstocks in biodiesel production, the United Soybean Board has found that soybean oil remains the dominant raw material used by U.S. methyl ester manufacturers. "This demand added up to 25 cents in support of the per bushel price for soybeans," the USB stated in a release issued earlier today.READ MORE

India's biodiesel industry wants no connection with petroleum after policy scare

In late August, India's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas issued a circular "which virtually bans the sale of biodiesel by producers," the Times of India reported. Sanjeev Gupta, managing director of 50 MMgy Universal Biofuels in the Indian port city of Kakinada was not impressed. "This is not to be taken seriously," Gupta said. "Biodiesel is selling." He further observed that the circular seemed like an intimidation tactic from the state's petrol and gas industries, especially since the petroleum ministry did not have the authority to publish such a statement.READ MORE 9-9

El Paso plant expands to 15 MMgy

Construction is nearing completion on an expansion of Global Alternative Fuels LLC at El Paso, Texas, tripling its capacity to 15 MMgy. Global Alternative expects to begin commissioning in early October, bringing the expansion online in November, one month shy of its first anniversary in December. A multi-feedstock plant, Dean Rigg, chief financial officer, said it can use "yellow grease to tallow to soy-depending on pricing." Plans are being made to boost it another 10 MMgy in a couple of years, he added.READ MORE

Maine's second biodiesel producer comes online

Jarmin Kaltsas was making biodiesel for heating a Maine greenhouse when his grandfather told his cousin Dean Sgouros to go see his project. "I was impressed," Sgouros recalled, and the two were soon planning a biodiesel plant. Three years later, the cousins' company, Maine Bio-Fuel Inc., is in production with a 1.5 MMgy batch process at Portland, Maine. Kaltsas is president and Sgouros is vice-president of sales and marketing. "The system was designed by Jarmin and me," Sgouros said. "We bootstrapped it. The cost is usually around $1 per gallon to build a plant; we built this plant for about half that price using surplus equipment."READ MORE

ASA takes computers to farm shows, encouraging comments on RFS2 rule

The American Soybean Association has made it easy for farmers attending a couple of the big farm shows to comment on the U.S. EPA's proposed rule to implement the revised renewable fuels standard (RFS2).READ MORE

Audi sets price for A3 TDI clean diesel, reports sales figures

Audi's second clean-diesel offering in a year, the A3 TDI, will hit the streets before Christmas. The company released prices for the new sedan in September preceding a commercial television campaign scheduled to begin shortly, said Bradley Stertz, spokesman for Audi. The suggested retail price is $29,950.READ MORE
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