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Some positive news for a change
Posted October 21, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance rallies for retention of tax support

The UK Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance is stepping up its campaign to prevent the British government from removing the 20 pence per litre tax differential for biofuels from April 2010. Speaking at the European Biofuels Expo and Conference 2009, Chair of the UKSBA Mark Sneesby, told how the government's plan to remove the tax differential for biofuels in 2010 would undermine the U.K.'s growing low-carbon economy by making biodiesel more expensive than fossil fuels and therefore commercially unviable.READ MORE

REG purchases Nova Biofuels' 60 MMgy biodiesel plant in Seneca, Ill.

A Renewable Energy Group Inc. limited liability corporation, REG Seneca LLC, purchased the 60-MMgy Nova Biofuels Seneca LLC biodiesel plant in Seneca, Ill., according to a Securities and Exchange Commission 8-K filing. Also purchased was Nova Biosource Technologies LLC. Both of the purchased entities were subsidiaries of Nova Biosource Fuels Inc.READ MORE 1

Mcgyan process to be deployed at Forest City, Iowa

Growth Design Corp. unveiled plans to build a biodiesel plant across the street from its conference center in Forest City, Iowa, at an Oct. 18 open house. The firm is applying for a USDA grant to help fund the project and expects to break ground on the facility late this fall. The company intends to install two Mcgyan reactors, capable of producing 2 to 3 MMgy each, with fittings installed for a third reactor to be installed in the future.READ MORE

EPA reports to Congress on Clean Diesel Program

The $50 million program that allowed the U.S. EPA to the purchase or retrofit of 14,000 diesel-powered vehicles and pieces of equipment has seen some results. EPA told Congress-which allocates funding-in a report issued last week that its Diesel Emission Reduction Program resulted in reducing 46,000 tons of NOx, and 2,200 tons of particulate matter over a vehicle's lifetime.READ MORE

Dow affirms commitment to biodiesel industry

The Dow Chemical Co. presented at the European Biofuels Expo and Conference held earlier this month in the U.K. in an effort "to affirm our commitment to the biodiesel industry and to present our range if innovative solutions," said Donna Rohan, biodiesel sales manager for Dow Water and Process Solutions. When it acquired rival Rohm and Haas earlier this year for $15 billion, Dow Chemical brought several biodiesel products under its roof.READ MORE

Biodiesel energy-balance numbers published in new benchmark study

Assessing the energy balance of soy biodiesel is a continuous effort. The University of Idaho and the USDA have been involved with the project for years-they've found that biodiesel's numbers keep improving. "New data becomes available as the industry evolves," says Jon Van Gerpen, biological and agricultural engineering department head at UI. "Ag-production practices and energy efficiencies are getting better and better all the time."READ MORE

AgMRC: biodiesel profitability turns corner

After six months of negative net returns, the model biodiesel plant developed by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center showed a return to the black in September.READ MORE
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