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Filter plugging at a terminal in my own "backyard"
Posted December 16, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

German AGQM releases second "no-harm" additive list

Germany's biodiesel quality organization AGQM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Qualitätsmanagement Biodiesel eV) has published the results of its second round of tests of oxidation stabilizers for biodiesel blends.READ MORE

WASDE: Soy export increase lifts price projections slightly

USDA pushed its projections for soy oil prices up by a couple of pennies in the Dec. 10 World Agricultural Supply Estimates. Soybean exports were increased by 15 million bushels from the previous month to 1.34 billion reflecting the record export pace in recent weeks and higher projected soybean imports by China.READ MORE Pacific West Biomass Conference

Verde's processor combines extrusion, transesterification

North Carolina is converting traditional tobacco acres to other crops, so the state's Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, N.C., has initiated a program to educate farmers on the ins-and-outs of biodiesel manufacturing, anticipating producers will be growing more oilseeds in the future. Southeastern Community College will be using a mobile biodiesel processor built by Jerome, Arizona-based Verde Biofuel for this program.READ MORE

Dallas Group offers new cold soak remedy

The Dallas Group of America Inc., the company behind Magnesol dry wash, is offering a new line of adsorbents to help biodiesel producers purify their fuel and pass the cold soak filtration test (CSFT). Called D-Sol, the new product line removes sterol glucosides and other contaminants that cause CSFT failure.READ MORE

Mission gets boost from Valero offtake, investment agreement

Mission NewEnergy Ltd. has entered into a binding five-year biodiesel supply agreement with Valero Marketing and Supply Company, a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corp. The offtake agreement also gives Valero the opportunity to buy a 25 percent stake in Mission.READ MORE

Greenpeace says Copenhagen climate talks flawed, biofuel incentives far-off

Leaked reports, negotiation walk-outs and other issues have fueled a media hype surrounding the United Nations 15th conference of the parties (COP 15) on climate change in Copenhagen this month. Actual results, however, like a legally binding agreement, or consensus among nations are disappointingly distant, says Greenpeace spokesman, Rolf Skar.READ MORE

House passes biodiesel tax credit extension

The U.S. House of Representatives passed tax extender package H.R. 4213, which included a one-year extension of the biodiesel blender tax credit. "While it remains to be seen when or if the Senate will take up this tax incentive provision, the NBB will continue to work with its membership and Senators to ensure this important measure is passed and signed into law," said Michael C. Frohlich, Director of Communications for the National Biodiesel Board's Washington, D.C., office.READ MORE
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