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S01 E09 Alder Fuels: Powerful Partnerships and a 1 Billion-Gallon Goal
Featuring Darren Fuller, SVP of Sales and Business Development, Alder Fuels
November 18, 2022

S01 E08 Maximizing Opportunities, Overcoming Challenges and Serving Needs of UCO Collectors
Featuring Kristof Reiter, PCEO, Principal Trader, Senior Consultant, and Founder of Reiter Companies
November 1, 2022

S01 E07 New Process Yields Low-Cost Biodiesel from Food Waste”
Featuring Michael Timko, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Heather LeClerc, Ph.D. Candidate with Worcester Polytechnic Institute
September 30, 2022

S01 E06 Strategic Biofuels: Louisiana’s Multifaceted Green Fuels Project
Featuring Paul Schubert, CEO of Strategic Biofuels
September 26, 2022

S01 E05 Iowa Renewable Fuels Association: New Program Reimburses Farmers for Testing Higher Biodiesel Blends
Featuring Lisa Coffelt, Marketing Director, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association
September 9, 2022

S01 E04 Optimus Technologies: Advanced Fuel Systems Enabling Smooth Transitions to B100
Featuring Colin Huwyler, CEO, Optimus Technologies
August 24, 2022

S01 E03 The Landmark Inflation Reduction Act: What’s in it for Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel and SAF?
Featuring Paul Winters, Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications, Clean Fuels Alliance America
August 24, 2022

S01 E02 Insight from the EIA: Tracking the U.S. Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Sectors
Featuring Mindi Farber-DeAnda, Team Lead of Petroleum & Natural Gas Modeling, U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)
August 12, 2022

S01 E01 Catching up with Clean Fuels Alliance America: Rebranding, Policy Updates and the Red-Hot Bio-Based Diesel Sector
Featuring Donnell Rehagen, CEO, Clean Fuels Alliance America
July 26, 2022