February 28, 2023

EIA: US biofuels capacity up in December, feedstock use down

BY Erin VoegeleTotal U.S. operable biofuels production capacity expanded in December. Total biofuel feedstock consumption was down when compared to both the previous month and December 2021, according to data released by the U.S. EIA on Feb. 28. READ MORE

February 27, 2023

Yield10 announces progress with herbicide-tolerant camelina

BY Yield10 Bioscience Inc. Yield10 Bioscience Inc., an agricultural bioscience company, on Feb. 21 announced key advancements for enabling weed control for Camelina cultivation and for supporting grower adoption of this crop for the biofuel feedstock oil market. READ MORE

February 23, 2023

Darling Ingredients recycles used cooking oil from Panda Express

BY Darling Ingredients Inc. Darling Ingredients Inc. on Feb. 21 announced Panda Restaurant Group Inc. has chosen Darling Ingredients to recycle its used cooking oil into sustainable products, such as cleaner burning renewable diesel and SAF. READ MORE

February 09, 2023

USDA maintains forecast for soybean oil use in biofuel production

BY Erin VoegeleThe USDA maintained its forecast for 2022-’23 soybean oil use in biofuel production in its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, released Feb. 8. The U.S. soybean outlook is for lower soybean crush and higher ending stocks. READ MORE

February 09, 2023

Shell, S&W partner to develop, produce biofuel feedstocks

BY S&W Seed Co. Equilon Enterprises LLC (Shell) and S&W Seed Co. have execution an agreement to establish a joint venture (JV) for the purpose of developing novel plant genetics for oil seed cover crops as feedstocks for biofuel production. READ MORE

February 08, 2023

Neste reports strong 2022 performance for renewables

BY Erin VoegeleNeste Corp. on Feb. 8 released Q4 and full year 2022 financial results, reporting strong performance for its renewable products segment. Renewable diesel demand remained robust and the company highlighted plans for increased SAF prodcution. READ MORE

February 08, 2023

DOE announces $25.5 million to improve biofuels, bioproducts

BY U.S. Department of Energy The U.S. Department of Energy announced $25.5 million in funding to enable the sustainable use of domestic biomass and waste resources, such as agricultural residues and algae, to produce low-carbon biofuels and bioproducts. READ MORE

February 01, 2023

Greenfield Global leverages ag clean technology program funding

BY Greenfield Global Inc. Greenfield Global Inc., in close collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering, is leading the development of a new clean technology that will convert agricultural waste into renewable diesel fuel. READ MORE

January 31, 2023

EIA: Biofuel capacity, feedstock consumption up in November

BY Erin VoegeleU.S. operable biofuels production capacity was up in November, with gains for both ethanol and renewable diesel, according to data released by the U.S. EIA on Jan. 31. Total feedstock consumption was up slightly from October. READ MORE

January 27, 2023

Casterra to supply castor feedstock for biofuel production

BY Casterra Ag Ltd. Casterra has announced plans to sell its unique castor seed varieties and provide its significant experience in castor cultivation to one of the world;s major enegy companaies, which will produce biofuel from the feedstock. READ MORE

January 26, 2023

DOE awards $118 million to 17 biofuel projects

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. Department of Energy on Jan. 26 awarded $118 million to 17 projects to accelerate the production of sustainable biofuels for America’s transportation and manufacturing needs. The projects were selected under a FOA issued in mid-2022. READ MORE

January 23, 2023

DOE: National labs research better uses for CO2

BY U.S. Department of Energy Carbon dioxide fuels global warming but scientists from multiple national labs are finding new ways to repurpose it to produce a myriad of valuable products, such as fuels, chemicals, plastics and materials from carbon resources. READ MORE

January 19, 2023

EPA: 2022 RFS RIN generation reaches 21.27 billion

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. EPA has announced 1.89 billion RINs were generated under the RFS in December, down from 2.02 billion generated in December 2021. Total RIN generation for 2022 reached nearly 21.27 billion, up from 19.93 billion generated in 2021. READ MORE

January 17, 2023

EU ag outlook includes forecasts for biodiesel, ethanol demand

BY Erin VoegeleThe European Commission has published its annual EU agricultural outlook, which includes projections for biofuel use through 2032. The outlook predicts stable biodiesel use in the medium-term, with increased ethanol use through 2030. READ MORE

January 16, 2023

Report: Peru’s biodiesel consumption falls in 2022

BY Erin VoegelePeruvian biodiesel production reached approximately 208 million liters (54.95 million gallons) last year, a level of production maintained from the previous year, according to a report filed with the USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network. READ MORE

January 13, 2023

Neste completes purchase of US-based used cooking oil business

BY Neste Corp. Neste announced on Jan. 13 it has completed its acqusition of the used cooking oil (UCO) collection and aggregation business and related assets on the U.S. West Coast from Crimson Renewable Energy Holdings LLC. READ MORE

January 12, 2023

USDA maintains forecast for soybean oil use in biofuel production

BY Erin VoegeleThe USDA maintained its forecast for 2022-’23 soybean oil use in biofuel production in its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, released Jan. 12. The agency also maintained its forecast for the price of soybean oil. READ MORE

January 12, 2023

USDA: US soybean production falls 4% in 2022

BY Erin VoegeleThe USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released its 2022 Crop Production Annual Summary on Jan. 12, reporting that U.S. soybean production for 2022 reached 4.28 billion bushels, down 4 percent from 2021. READ MORE

January 12, 2023

Yield10, Mitsubishi sign MOU on camelina oil biofuel feedstock

BY Yield10 Bioscience Inc. Yield10 Bioscience Inc. and Mitsubishi Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to evaluate the establishment of a partnership to supply, offtake and market Camelina as a low-carbon feedstock oil for biofuels. READ MORE

January 11, 2023

DOE releases blueprint to decarbonize US transportation

BY Erin VoegeleThe DOE has released the U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization, which focuses on achieving net-zero emissions in the transportation. The blueprint, in part, discusses the role sustainable fuels can play in reaching that goal. READ MORE

January 10, 2023

Novozymes: Flexible feedstock future for biodiesel

BY Novozymes Novozymes discusses the benefits of its enzymatic biodiesel products, which can help producers take advantage of feedstocks with high free fatty acid (FFA) content. The company has been offering enzymatic biodiesel products since 2014. READ MORE

January 09, 2023

STB seeks biofuel representative to fill vacancy on RETAC

BY Erin VoegeleThe STB is seeking nominees to fill nine vacancies on its Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee. One of those vacancies is to be filled with an individual representing biofuel feedstock growers or providers and biofuel refiners. READ MORE

January 09, 2023

2023 FEW now accepting speaker presentation ideas

BY BBI International The call for speaker presentation ideas is now open for the 2023 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW). The three-day event is scheduled to take place June 12-14, 2023 in Omaha, Nebraska. READ MORE

January 05, 2023

EIA: Biofuel capacity, feedstock consumption up in October

BY Erin VoegeleU.S. operatable biofuel production capacity increased slightly in October according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on Dec. 30. Total feedstock use was up from the previous month, but down from October 2021. READ MORE

January 03, 2023

EPA opens comment period on draft RFS report

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. EPA on Jan. 3 released an external review draft of its third triennial report to congress on biofuels and environment for public comment. A 60-day public comment period will be open through March 6. READ MORE

December 29, 2022

DOE awards $1 million for bioenergy research

BY U.S. Department of Energy Three projects have been selected for funding under a U.S. DOE interagency agreement with the Minority Serving Institution STEM Research & Development Consortium. The projects focus on algae, waste feedstocks, and catalyst development. READ MORE

December 29, 2022

DOE to fund bioenergy feedstock, biofuel optimization projects

BY U.S. Department of Energy The U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office has announced its intent to issue two funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) in early 2023 focused on algae crop production and cellulosic biomass conversion. READ MORE

December 22, 2022

Study: Soybean oil for biofuels has limited impact on food prices

BY United Soybean Board The United Soybean Board has partnered with Purdue University on a Food and Fuel study to evaluate whether the increased use of soybean oil in biofuels has contributed to the rising retail prices of food products for consumers. READ MORE

December 18, 2022

In Depth: SPOTLIGHT Reiter Software; Used Cooking Oil: Staying in Compliance for Incentives

BY Biodiesel Magazine The collection and sale of used cooking oil and its use in producing biodiesel are regulated at both the federal and state levels. READ MORE

December 15, 2022

CoBank says 2023 outlook for biofuels is ‘very strong’

BY Erin VoegeleCoBank on Dec. 13 released a report outlining its 2023 forecast for the U.S. rural economy. Within that report, CoBank says “the outlook for biofuels is very strong, supported by federal policy and demand tailwinds from 2022.” READ MORE