October 03, 2022

Biofuel groups intervene in legal challenge to RFS rule

BY Erin VoegeleGrowth Energy, the RFA and Clean Fuels Alliance America have filed motions in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia Circuit to intervene in support of the U.S. EPA’s rule to set 2020, 2021 and 2022 RFS RVOs. READ MORE

September 29, 2022

CoBank discusses potential boom in renewable diesel capacity

BY Erin VoegeleCoBank on Sept. 27 published a report that calls renewable diesel the most exciting growth opportunity in the U.S. biofuels space, with proposed capacity increasing from approximately 1 billion gallons in 2021 to 6.5 billion gallons by 2030. READ MORE

September 26, 2022

Tidewater Renewables announces sales agreement for CFR credits

BY Tidewater Renewables Ltd. Tidewater Renewables Ltd. has announced an agreement to sell Federal Clean Fuel Regulation (CFR) credits that it will receive through the production and sale of fuel produced at the renewable diesel and renewable hydrogen complex at Prince George. READ MORE

September 23, 2022

DOE releases roadmap to achieve carbon neutral aviation emissions

BY U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm on Sept. 23 announced the release of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge Roadmap, a comprehensive plan that outlines a government-wide strategy for scaling up new technologies to produce SAF. READ MORE

September 22, 2022

Biofuel groups discuss upcoming RFS ‘set’ rule

BY Erin VoegeleRepresentatives of Growth Energy, the National Corn Growers Association, Renewable Fuels Association and Clean Fuels Alliance America on Sept. 22 discussed the U.S. EPA’s upcoming RFS “set” rule during a virtual briefing held by Fuels America. READ MORE

September 20, 2022

EPA delivers final rule on canola oil RFS fuel pathways to OMB

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. EPA on Sept. 19 delivered a final rule to create canola oil fuel pathways under the RFS for renewable diesel, jet fuel naphtha, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and heating oil to the White House Office of Management and Budget. READ MORE

September 20, 2022

China’s biodiesel production to expand by 32% in 2022

BY Erin VoegeleChina’s biodiesel production in 2022 is expected to increase by 32 percent when compared to 2021 due primarily to a surge in export demand, according to a report filed with the USDA FAS Global Agricultural Information Network. READ MORE

September 19, 2022

DriveClean initiative launches, advocates for national CFS

BY Erin VoegeleA diverse group of clean fuel stakeholders, including several biofuel producers, on Sept. 19 launched the DriveClean initiative, which is urging lawmakers to create a market-based technology-neutral national Clean Fuel Standard. READ MORE

September 15, 2022

EPA: 1.81 billion RINs generated in August

BY Erin VoegeleThe U.S. EPA on Sept. 15 released updated renewable identification number (RIN) data, reporting that nearly 1.81 billion RINs were generated under the RFS in August, up from 1.72 billion generated during the same month of last year. READ MORE