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Bruks Siwertell Americas

Bruks Siwertell is a market-leading supplier of dry bulk handling and wood processing systems. With thousands of installations worldwide,our machines handle your raw materials from forests, fields, quarries and mines, maintaining critical supply lines for manufacturers, mills, power plants and ports. We design, produce and deliver systems for loading,unloading,conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials,alongside equipment for chipping,screening, milling and processing wood for the biofuel, board, saw mill,pulp and paper industries.We are global and local.You will find our main offices in the US, Sweden, Germany,China,Philippines,and Taiwan, supported by a network of hundreds of representatives and dealers worldwide.

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PSC Group

PSC Group's decades of experience handling traditional petroleum and petrochemical products transfers seamlessly to supporting Renewable Fuels Operations. PSC's highly skilled operators play an integral role in converting renewable resources into high-quality, sustainable fuels. From feedstock coming in to finished biofuels going out, PSC has the technical expertise, experience, and know-how to provide critical support for your operations. Our operators are skilled in all modes of transportation, from barges and ships to trains and trucks. In addition to traditional product handling and logistics operations at the site, PSC has experience operating Pre-Treatment Units (PTU), including the Lab and Wastewater functions.

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GRIP Global Resources for Industrial Projects

GRIP provides bulk materials handling and process equipment as representatives of various manufacturers. This includes receiving, storage and handling equipment for dry bulk materials and liquids.

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Tapco Inc. stocks over 1 million elevator buckets in 178 sizes available for immediate shipment. Buckets are molded in polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane. Aluminum, ductile iron and fabricated steel buckets are available on request. Popular styles include CC-HD (Heavy Duty), CC-XD (Xtreme Duty), Super EuroBucket and AA. Patented CCHD-LP and CCXD-LP (Low Profile) buckets have a LOW PROFILE back for closer spacing on belt, high side “ears” for increased capacity. Styles AC and Continuous available on request. Tapco inventories 15 million elevator bolts in 60 sizes, abrasion resistant sheeting, belt splices, drag flights and hanger bearings.

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Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc.

Manufacturers of baled biomass handling equipment, D-Stringing, Grinding Equipment, and full systems. In addition, we manufacture Densification/Cubing Systems, which compress non-recyclable waste and biomass into cubes for use as a fuel in Boilers, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Anaerobic Digestion producing RNG Renewable Natural Gas, and SAF production. Other equipment we manufacture as a stand-alone or part of the full system include but is not limited to Meter/Surge Bins, Conveyors, Drag Chain – Top or Bottom Drag, Roller Chain, Chain Belt, Slider Bed, Flat Belt, Trough Belt, and Augers. We also provide magnetic systems for metal removal and air separation.

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