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HYDROTEX is a manufacturer and a leader in fuel improver technology and lubrication products. Our highly trained experts consult with customers to develop sustainable programs that will contribute to the lowest annual cost of operation. End users across all market segments will benefit from choosing HYDROTEX as their partners to provide equipment dependability, longevity and energy efficiency. HYDROTEX also offers a variety of training opportunities that include onsite training, webinars and our accredited Lubrication University. HYDROTEX products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Innospec Fuel Specialties

Innospec offers a complete range of additives specifically developed for renewable fuels and renewable fuel blends.

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Callington Group of Companies

Callington Group is a speciality chemical developer and manufacturer, headquartered in Sydney Australia with manufacturing and technical sales operations in 14 countries. ISO9001 accredited, supplier to global aviation, Defence, marine and industries. Manufacturing ROX Fuel Additives since 1970 for industry, transport and marine. The ROX biofuel correctives for straight biofuels and blends are antioxidants, biocides, combustion improvers, stability improvers, corrosion inhibitors, pour point depressants and cold flow improvers.

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Clariant Corporation

Clariant’s flow improver additives facilitate cold flow, prevent wax-settling, improve stability and make the heaviest products transportable through depressing pour points. Our range of biofuel additives is based on the unique challenges of biofuels itself as well as blends deriving from biodiesel or renewable diesel with fossil middle distillates such as diesel, heating oil or marine fuels. Products for these mixtures will be tailored based on your fuel samples for optimized performance improvement.

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MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc.

MCC provides custom additive solutions for ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrocarbon renewable fuel products made from feedstocks other than crude oil, in addition to, crude oil-based hydrocarbon fuels. For nearly 30 years, MCC has provided products and services in support of renewable fuel producers and marketers.

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Prosser Power Group LLC

Direct Jobber for AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Additives. Site Preparation and Construction Services available.

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