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Autolube Ams Environnement

Cansorb All is organic absorbant for all hydrocarbure spill +(bioremedation). We also have a premium variety of pad, boudins and more. We are distributor of : Amsoil premium synthetic oil and grease Industrial micro filtration

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Manufacturer of bleaching clays and adsorbent silicates for the purification of Renewable Diesel Feedstocks, biodiesel feedstocks, and FAME.

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Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Oil-Dri provides adsorbents for the purification of biodiesel and renewable diesel feedstocks, primarily to remove metals that may affect the catalyst.

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PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation is the Global supplier of SORBSIL® Silica Hydrogels. These are high purity adsorbents that are widely accepted by the global refining industry for use in a range of applications including biodiesel production. Synthetic, amorphous silica powders are highly effective in the removal of contaminates from oil and fat feedstock derived from vegetable, animal, and marine sources. Their high adsorption capacity and affinity for phospholipids, trace metals and soaps provides for quality improvements and cost savings in biodiesel production and other refining industries. In addition, they help in removal of unreacted methanol, monoglycerides, diglycerides and sodium soaps from biodiesel.

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W. R. Grace & Co.

W. R. Grace & Co is a leading global innovator of specialty chemicals built on talent, technology and trust. We serve customers in over 60 countries and have over 4,300 highly skilled employees worldwide. Our renewable technology solutions for efficient feedstock pretreatment improves our customers’ yields and productivity while reducing their environmental footprint.​

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