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Aequor Inc.

Aequor's water treatments and surface cleaners prevent bacterial contamination and microfouling (corrosion, scale, slime) for days and remove exisitng biofilm in minutes. This extends the stability of biofuels and protects capital equipment. All of Aequor's products are EPA/TSCA-appproved as non-toxic and "green." They are inexpensive, available in commercial quantities and validated by DOE and multinationals to save time, manpower and money. They work in combination with current treatments, "potentiating" them to work at 1/10 of the normal dose.

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Hydrite® products provide creative solutions that solve unique challenges facing the biodiesel industry. •DISSOLVED AIR FLOTATION (DAF) + WATER TREATMENT •Polymers: Cationic, Anionic, GRAS, Liquid and Dry •Coagulants: Inorganic, Organic, and Specialty Blends •Acid and Alkaline pH Control •EMULSIFYING ACIDS – Acetic Acid and Citric Acid •POLYSORBATE •FEEDSTOCK PRETREATMENT •Phosphoric Acid (food-grade and technical-grade) •Sulfuric Acid •Caustic (NaOH) •ODOR CONTROL •CLEAN IN PLACE (CIP) TECHNOLOGIES •IN SITU METHANOL COLUMN CIP To Learn More visit us at or Contact Us Today at [email protected]

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Kurita America

Kurita America harmonizes society and environment through water. As a leader in water management for the biofuels industry, our experience and expertise allow us to solve our customers’ complex challenges that impact process, quality, and production. By incorporating all aspects of a facility, including chemical, mechanical, and operational components, we’re able to deliver optimal results while conserving natural resources for a sustainable world.

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