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Biodiesel Jobs

Biodiesel Jobs is the leading job site for the ethanol industry. Biodiesel Jobs is the place companies go to connect thousands of professionals with jobs in the renewable fuels industry. If you are looking for a job or looking to hire new employees, Biodiesel Jobs is where you need to be.

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Commodity Talent LLC

Commodity Talent LLC -- where talent is never a commodity -- Commodity Talent LLC is a boutique executive search firm focused on the vast and ever-evolving world of commodities, with a strong and growing presence in renewable energy. We have a broad range of contacts and serious knowledge of our markets that enables us to add value to clients and candidates. We establish long-term relationships with both clients and candidates. Commodity Talent LLC Markets --Energy: oil, gas, LNG, power, ethanol, NGLs, sustainable energy, renewable technologies, grid resilience --Metals: precious, base, minor metals, rare earths, industrial, dry bulk --Ags: grains, oilseeds, softs (coffee, sugar), fertilizer. --Market Risk Management --Crypto --Quant strategies --IT integration, international tax analysis Julia C. K. Stein: Practice Areas: Sustainable Commodities & Renewable Energy — Solar, Wind, Circular Economies, Grid Infrastructure, Hydrogen, Renewable Fuels, Ship Propulsion, Voluntary Carbon Market and new innovations.

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Global Talent Solutions

Executive Search, Recruiting & Talent Acquistion for Agriculture, Biotech & Renewables

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H.T. PROF Clean Tech

H.T. PROF Clean Tech is a contingency search firm with extensive experience recruiting in Energy, Water, Agriculture... Our primary focus in the Energy area is recruiting for the BioMass market. We have placed a full range of individuals from Chemical Engineers to Operations, from ASPEN Process Engineers to Human Resource executives. Where BioMass and Agriculture intersects, we’ve recruited for the feedstock industry. We’ve done searches in this area from Sugar Cane to Miscanthus, from Ethanol to Pellets. In Water we recruit for companies involved with Infrastructure, Filtration and Irrigation. From the General Manager level to Sales Reps to Support Engineers to Financial Controllers. We build relationships - one at a time!

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SPI of Chicago, Inc.

It’s critical to your success that you secure candidates with the right experience for your niche, but finding experienced professionals familiar with ethanol, biodiesel or renewable diesel who also understand fermentation, hydrotreating or enzyme technology can be extremely difficult. We’ve optimized our search process to maximize the efficiency of your hiring process, getting the right candidates in front of your team quickly. You’ll only see candidates who can bring immediate results to your company thanks to our strict vetting process. Mark Ragland [email protected]

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