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Baytek International

Baytek International has been a trusted leader in fit-for-purpose Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for refining, chemical manufacturing, and fuels testing laboratories for 40 years. Laboratories that that prioritize efficiency, user-friendly interfaces, and high ROI consistently choose Baytek. Our newest product, QC/EZ™, is a workflow-driven control charting (SQC) solution designed to keep labs compliant, improve precision and accuracy, and boost business performance. Adhering to the EPA Part 1090, ASTM D6299 and ISO-4259-4 SQC standards, QC/EZ offers flexible workflows and control options, and one-click audit reports.

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Biodiesel Control Center

Biodiesel Control Center founded in 2009 is dedicated to revolutionizing the way commodities are tracked and verified, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance throughout the supply chain. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technology that empowers businesses, enhances traceability, and strengthens confidence in the sourcing and production of commodities. Helping UCO recyclers optimize their routes and their client relationships with a mature industry proven technology.

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Openlink Agtech

Agtech is a solution for end-to-end management of physical commodities, including grains, sugar, cocoa, coffee, cotton, pulses, oilseeds, nuts and livestock. Companies that buy, sell, store,merchandise or refine commodities rely on Agtech to provide complete control and oversight over the entire product lifecycle, from procurement to finishing. This single, complete view enables companies to improve margins, achieve vast efficiencies and understand risk.Covers all industry and market requirements across the commodity lifecycle, including risk solution’s vast functionality provides unrivaled support for trading, sales order processing ,inventory and position management, enabling users to easily tailor transaction and market activity

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Reiter Software

Our even evolving software ecosystem can be a critical asset in allowing for both improvements in existing grease pumping operations and in enabling further company expansion.Proprietary features include: Restaurant Service Interval Prediction, Route Planning, Route Optimization, Employee Accountability, Charge/Credit Tracking, GPS Turn-by-turn, Record keeping and Compliance, Sales CRM, UCO Collection, Grease Trap Pumping

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Route Simplified

Route Simplified is a division of Reiter Software designed to help used cooking oil collectors maximize efficiency. The software uses data to drive efficiency, profits and compliance. Grow your business with the stoneware that makes it easy to build efficient routes and deploy drivers with turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Additionally, Route Simplified securely maintains your records so you can demonstrate compliance with just a click.

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