August/September 2005

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Ascendant Partners launches evaluation tool



An Eastern View of Biodiesel

By Jessica Williams

The Biofuels Workshop & Trade Show moves to the eastern side of the United States after last year's successful Western Region conference. The 2005 event in Atlanta promises to highlight the vast possibilities and benefits of renewable fuels, and aims to answer questions consumers may have about biodiesel.

A Glycerin Factor

By Dave Nilles

Surging biodiesel production is sure to have a major impact on the North American glycerin market. With millions of gallons of biodiesel capacity expected to come on line in the next few years, U.S. producers are trying to find solutions to alleviate the projected glycerin glut.

FUMPA Biofuels helped open the door for biodiesel production in Minnesota. Operating since late 2004, this small, innovative producer is capitalizing on its coproducts and utilizing a unique marketing strategy to gear up for the state's widespread acceptance of B2 blends

Though some industry players look at the biodiesel production process with an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset, a handful of them are in pursuit of step-changing advancements-like alternative catalysts-to more readily incorporate lower-cost feedstocks with altogether streamlined processes while "greening up" the routine method of chemical ester conversion.

Brazil's Biodiesel Rush

By Elizabeth Johnson

The world's top ethanol producer has designs on becoming No. 1 in biodiesel production, too. With a nationwide B2 mandate-and eventual B5 mandate-approaching, oilseed growers, producers and project developers are keen on ramping up, but a bit overwhelmed by the government's aggressive target.

A Boost for Biodiesel

By Dave Nilles, Ron Kotrba, Jessica Williams, and Tom Bryan

The U.S. biofuels industries' multi-year campaign to get an energy bill with a renewable fuels standard-and an extension of the federal biodiesel excise tax credit-through Congress ended triumphantly in late July. It didn't include everything the industry wanted, but many feel fortunate.

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