March/April 2004

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Business Briefs


ISA elects president, officers



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero

Griffin Industries Inc. produces and markets Bio G-3000 Premium Biodiesel Fuel

Talking Point

By Rick Geise


Jobe and Dinneen

Spring Training

By Tom Bryan

More than 500 people attended the first annual National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Palm Springs, Calif., Feb. 1-4. America's biodiesel event has arrived.

A Montana-based industrial technology company has partnered with a Wisconsin-based beef manufacturer to form BIOSOURCE Fuels LLC. Find out why this young company checked preconceived notions of production at the door.

High level blends-everything above B5-could be limited, even banned, in California under new state regulations.

The Ethyl Biodiesel Alternative

By Tom Novinson, Ph.D.

European Motor Biofuels Forum addresses biofuels policy and production

Northern Exposure

By Jessica Williams

Canola, soybean growers team with renderers to form Biodiesel Association of Canada (BAC)

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