March 2006

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Business Briefs

CAA awards Volkswagen for B5 coverage



Editor's note

By Has Biodiesel Already Missed the ULSD Boat?

Legal Perspective

By Pete Moss, FBA Cousulting

Guest Editorial

By Roger Peterson


An Industry Rising

By Tom Bryan, Ron Kotrba and Jessica Williams

Alright, bio-oil may not actually share a family tree with biodiesel, but it is an environmentally sound product derived from biomass. This dark, viscous renewable fuel is produced through the thermal cracking of molecules, a process known as pyrolysis. An ambitious anadian firm is on a mission make this stuff work commercially-and it's something biodiesel stakeholders should keep an eye on.

Talking point

By Alexandra Lambrinidis

Cool fuel pioneers: 16,000 miles of American road and not a drop of gas

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