April 2009

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The National Biodiesel Board's annual conference was held in San Francisco, where cable cars, biodiesel and cultural diversity have long been a mainstay.


Obama's Energy Team

By Erin Voegele

President Barack Obama is challenged with guiding the U.S. through one of the most severe economic downturns in its history, and his energy policies are expected to be a cornerstone of his strategy. Industry leaders share their expectations for the new administration with Biodiesel Magazine.

Seaport Biofuels Vice President of Finance Travis Paulson, left, and President Randy Thomas/PHOTO: SEAPORT BIOFUELS

Beneficial Blending

By Kris Bevill

Fuel dispensers that offer up to three different blends of biodiesel are relatively new to the retail market. Although the concept is simple, the blender pumps have been slow to catch on. Biodiesel Magazine talks to the experts about whether the dispensers will increase the market for biodiesel, and what obstacles are preventing their widespread use.

Producing sustainable biofuels will require conservation tillage practices and much more.

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