March 2010

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs



Pink Sheet Persuasion

By Nicholas Zeman

For many start-up companies in the clean energy sector, success means seeing its stock trade on the floor of a major stock exchange such as NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. Until they have the revenue and profits, they must build their identities and persuade investors to their base with big statements and even bigger dreams.

Paul Argyropoulos

Seeking Answers

By Nicholas Zeman and Ron Kotrba

Biodiesel producers and industry stakeholders attending the 2010 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo sought answers to the status of the expired biodiesel tax credit as well as to many confusing elements in the RFS2 final rule. While some producers found clarification, others left the event puzzled, concerned and even discouraged by the enormous amount of red tape required to participate in the program. Despite this, the conference provided a healthy mix of biodiesel information and announcements.

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