February 2011

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Staff


Ron Kotrba

It's Back

By Ron Kotrba

Gary D. Colby

Annual Legal Checkup

By Gary D. Colby


Clean diesel technology greatly improves efficiency and emissions profiles of compression-ignition power

How biodiesel makes a good thing—diesel-electric hybrid technology—even better

GROWING UP: Each year the EVX team consists of roughly 10 to 15 high school students, and each year several of the former team members return to check in on the new members.

The Greatest Benefit

By Luke Geiver

How the EVX Hybrid team from West Philly High School does biodiesel


Flowability: A Complex Issue

By John Chandler Sr.

Understanding and preventing biodiesel-related filter blocking issues

How Jatro Super, a new biodiesel process from Jatrodiesel, addresses shortfalls of conventional methyl ester refining

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