November/December 2013

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ron Kotrba


Ron Kotrba

Draft Proposal Concerns Industry

By Ron Kotrba

PolicyNorth America


Fire safety is everybody's business, and the fires easiest to extinguish are the ones prevented

Hope is not enough. Buying distressed biodiesel assets requires important considerations.


MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Saturated FAME crystal growth can be controlled by flow improvers to hinder crystals from forming large, interlocking species (left) by producing very small crystal entities that can be readily dispersed (right).

Cold Flow Treatment: FAME, HVO & Diesel Blends

By Werner A. Reimann and Bettina A. Siggelkow

Effective additization of various biodiesel, hydrogenated vegetable oil and mineral diesel blends is critical to optimal fuel performance

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