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Business Briefs

The team at Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies was recognized at the annual Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Awards in November

Business Briefs

By Ron Kotrba



A cookie-cutter industry biodiesel is not. While too many technologies exist in this field to report on, we offer an overview of several emerging biodiesel process developments or existing optimization techniques that have made headlines recently.

With help from Viesel Fuel, Novozymes and Tactical Fabrication, Buster Halterman, the CEO of Buster Biofuels, is on the cusp of fulfilling his mission in cutting-edge ways by building the first enzymatic biodiesel plant on the West Coast.


Greenleaf Biofuels, a 10 MMgy continuous flow biodiesel plant in New Haven, Connecticut, is continually improving its process thanks to its talented team members. Since April 2013, the plant has reached 100 percent designed flow rate.

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