2018 Winter Issue

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Business Briefs

Mayor of Huron, California, Rey Leon (center), and Russ Teall (right), president and founder of Biodico, discuss the viability of low-income communities using renewable resources to generate cost-effective energy and jobs.

Business Briefs

By Ron Kotrba



Biodiesel Magazine spotlights four companies—a respected producer, a service-oriented wholesaler, a 200-year old chemical firm, and a fuel conditioning company—that enable biodiesel's role as an effective change agent.

Continued investment and expansion took place in the U.S. biodiesel sector throughout 2017, despite rising political uncertainty and a lapsed tax credit. Here is an overview of some of the activity, plus a special sidebar story from Joe Jobe.


Fat and the City

By Hermann Stockinger and Stefan Divjak

Nature knows no waste, but we all certainly do—at the end of the day we ourselves might be readily biodegradable, but the progress mankind made over the past thousand years undeniably came with a few side effects.

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