2023 Winter Issue 1

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Building Out Capacity, Policy and Technology

By Anna Simet



City by city, Greasezilla is conquering problems derived from excessive fats, oils and grease waste.

Biodiesel Magazine's annual production map showed 34 renewable diesel/SAF plants under development, construction or operating in the U.S., as of September. The following includes updates regarding some of these projects.


The collection and sale of used cooking oil and its use in producing biodiesel are regulated at both the federal and state levels.

While BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is well known for its RepCAT technology, the company's BDI Advanced PreTreatment process is another result of 25 years of experience and thorough understanding of the processing of oils and fats.

SAF: Policy to Pave the Way

By Graham Noyes and Alex Menotti

To reach U.S. sustainable aviation fuel goals, adequate policy will be crucial.

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