Inside Issue 2


Catalyzing Decarbonization

BY Anna SimetWith a flurry of announcements in the first half of 2022, REG announced its pending acquisition, the rebranding of its biofuel line and some new key partnerships. READ MORE

On Track to Lower Emissions

BY Katie Schroeder and Anna Simet Biodiesel has not been greatly incorporated into the locomotive industry for a number of reasons, but that may be poised to change. READ MORE

Exploding Acreage

BY Susanne Retka Schill Three developers take different approaches to filling the expected surge for demand in oilseeds with crops that promise low GHG scores. READ MORE


Biointermediates: Production Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges

BY Sara M. Herman While biointermediates present opportunities for biofuel producers, close attention should be paid to regulatory requirements. READ MORE

Heat Exchangers in Renewable Diesel Production

BY John Michelin As the biofuel industry moves from first generation oil-based biodiesel production to second- and third-generation renewable diesel, the role of heat exchangers in renewable diesel production is also changing. READ MORE

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