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Everyone is onboard with biodiesel-except Congress apparently
Posted May 12, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

OriginOil gets first algae-producing customer

OriginOil Inc. announced on May 10 that MBD Energy Limited has become the company's first algae-producing customer. Anglo American, one of the world's largest mining companies, is a cornerstone investor in MBD Energy.READ MORE

Vilsack tours Pennsylvania biodiesel plant

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today toured Middletown Biofuels in central Pennsylvania where he highlighted biodiesel production as a critical component in America's strategy to create jobs and revitalize the rural economy. But the hope of Congress finalizing the biodiesel blender tax credit legislation and sending it to the President's desk by Memorial Day begins to fade.READ MORE IBED 2010

FT microchannel reactor wins award

A Fischer Tropsch microchannel reactor developed by Velocys Inc., combined with a new highly active FT catalyst developed by Oxford Catalysts, was named winner of the CWC World XTL award 2010. The award was presented to CFO of the Oxford Catalysts Group, Susan Robertson, at a dinner on May 11 as part of the CWC 10th Annual World XTL Summit in London. The reactor can achieve productivities that are orders of magnitude greater than conventional FT reactors, and can operate economically at outputs as low as 500 barrels (21,000 gallons).READ MORE

Jobe: Congress' inaction is 'unacceptable'

Joe Jobe, CEO of the National Biodiesel Board, today renewed his call for Congress to put Americans back to work immediately by retroactively reinstating the expired biodiesel tax incentive. The industry is barely operating and at risk of total collapse without it, he warned. "Congress and the Administration have said they are dedicated to a 'jobs' agenda-their first step should be to reinstate the biodiesel tax incentive," Jobe told energy leaders at the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Institute national conference in Las Vegas.READ MORE

VW, Delphi develop 'greenest' diesel system

Troy, Mich.-based Delphi Corp. and Volkswagen have developed what is being called one of the greenest diesel systems ever produced, with the new 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder VW Polo BlueMotion-a vehicle with exceptionally low CO2 emissions and fuel consumption featuring a highly refined powertrain "built for performance," Delphi stated. Car and Driver reviewed the VW Polo BlueMotion and, regarding its performance, wrote, "This Polo is comfortable and at least has enough power to merge into traffic safely. The tiny engine gets a bit harsh when you follow the gearshift indicator slavishly. Just when you think the engine has reached happy rev levels, it suggests you upshift. VW insists the engine doesn't mind, but it does feel-and sound-a bit strange to shift the five-speed manual into top gear at 30 mph."READ MORE

Connecticut Assembly passes Bioheat bill

The Connecticut General Assembly recently passed legislation to incorporate biodiesel and lower the sulfur content in the state's heating oil supply. Bill No. 382 requires that all heating oil sold in the state must contain 2 percent biodiesel beginning July 1, 2011. In 2012, the mandate increases to B5; in 2015, B10; in 2017, B15; and finally, in 2020, Connecticut will require 20 percent biodiesel in all heating oil. The bill also requires the sulfur content to be reduced to 15 parts per million by 2014.READ MORE
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