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What makes the small scale biodiesel producer successful?
Posted June 30, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada


Biodiesel panel preview for Northeast BIOMASS Conference & Expo

Biodiesel will one of many panel topics at the Northeast BIOMASS Conference & Expo in Boston, Aug. 4-6. One particularly relevant panel to the region, The Ongoing Pursuit of Biodiesel Production and Process Enhancements in the Northeast, will feature Don Scott, director of sustainability for the National Biodiesel Board. Scott will address what role biodiesel can play in the Northeast to reduce fossil fuel dependence while providing jobs and economic stimulus for the area. Scott will also discuss regional-specific feedstock options, and what the future holds for new, alternative biodiesel feedstocks. He will also talk about heating oil applications in the Northeast; several New England states, and the city of New York, have either already passed biodiesel or Bioheat mandates, or are seriously considering it.READ MORE Biodiesel Magazine

Australia investigates US biodiesel dumping

On June 22, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service issued the following dumping notice no. 2010/21, regarding initiation of investigation into alleged U.S. biodiesel dumping and subsidization. The CEO of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has initiated investigations following an application lodged by Biodiesel Producers Limited. The application requests the publication of a dumping duty notice and countervailing duty notice in respect of biodiesel exported to Australia from the U.S.READ MORE

Elevance, Wilmar to build biochemical refinery

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement to form a joint venture with Wilmar International Ltd., one of the largest global agribusiness groups, to construct a world-scale biorefinery. The joint venture will use Elevance's proprietary biorefinery technology to produce high-value performance chemicals, advanced biofuels and oleochemicals. Large existing and rapidly emerging new demand exists for these products in surfactants, antimicrobials, lubricants, renewable biodiesel and green jet fuels.READ MORE

Biodiesel ballots up for vote at ASTM meeting

Several biodiesel ballots are on the table this week at the ASTM meeting in Kansas City, Mo. Steve Howell, technical chair for the National Biodiesel Board, sat down with Biodiesel Magazine to discuss the measures. Some in the industry believe biodiesel should have different grades, No.1 and No.2, similar to diesel fuel. This is one ballot being considered by subcommittee this week. "We're balloting a No.1/No.2 spec," Howell said. "The specs we currently have work just fine for 99 percent of the people. The philosophy is like with No.1 and No.2 diesel-No.2 works fine for about everybody, but if for some reason it doesn't work for you, try premium diesel fuel."READ MORE
2010 Northeast BIOMASS Conference & Expo
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