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Thoughts on suspension of the Mass. biodiesel mandate
Posted July 7, 2010



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BDI drops 'biodiesel' from name

The Austrian company known to the public just days ago as BDI-BioDiesel International AG has changed its name, dropping biodiesel for bioenergy, in "order to reflect the broader strategic focus of the company on the 'waste-to biofuels' field," BDI-BioEnergy International stated in a July 1 release.READ MORE

Castor oil tested as bio jet fuel feedstock

Evogene Ltd. announced July 7 that bio synthetic paraffinic kerosene (bio jet fuel) produced from the company's castor varieties meets the key international standards for alternative aviation fuels. The analysis was conducted by Evogene Inc., a fully owned U.S. subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., in collaboration with NASA, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and Honeywell's UOP.READ MORE 2010 Northeast BIOMASS Conference & Expo

QFI gets $800,000 govt. loan to start plant

Minister of State for Canada Economic Development Denis Lebel announced on July 5 the allotment of $800,000 (approximately $762,000 USD) in repayable funding to QFI Biodiesel Inc. for the startup of its Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, biodiesel plant. The new enterprise will produce biodiesel made from animal- and vegetable-based recycled oils, such as soya, canola and sunflower. QFI Biodiesel's fuel will be sold to Quebec, Canadian and international markets. The company intends to hire 19 full-time workers to carry out the project.READ MORE

RFS2 start date sees high biodiesel RIN prices

Biodiesel RIN credit prices were high as July 1-the date RFS2 goes into effect-approached. According to Atlas Commodity Markets' daily pricing update as of June 30, the 2010 biodiesel RIN bids were up to 50 cents, while offers stood at 55 cents. Wayne Presby, a managing partner with White Mountain Biodiesel LLC in Haverhill, N.H., said the high biodiesel RIN credit prices were reassuring for him in these times without the $1 per gallon federal tax credit. White Mountain Biodiesel, a 5.5 MMgy biodiesel plant, has been under construction for approximately a year and a half, and Presby told Biodiesel Magazine on July 1 that construction is finally complete and the plant is undergoing commissioning along with IRS and U.S. EPA registrations. The plant's fuel, which is made from waste greases, is meeting ASTM quality specifications.READ MORE

Massachusetts suspends biodiesel mandate

The Massachusetts B2 biodiesel mandate set to go into effect this month has been indefinitely suspended, according to the state department of energy resources. Dwayne Breger, director of the renewable energy division for the department said that the Clean Energy Biofuels Act provided the commissioner with several outs, or possible reasons to suspend the mandate, "and price impact was one of them," Breger said. "The expiration of the federal tax credit would cause the full brunt of the extra cost to be borne by the Massachusetts consumer."READ MORE
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