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Atlanta in November
Posted September 8, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Grant supports B20 evaluation in BNSF engines

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality recently announced a $125,000 grant has been awarded to Opportunity Link, a Havre, Mont.-based economic development agency. The funding will support a project to develop railroad markets for biodiesel, which includes the evaluation of B20 in a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway engine.READ MORE

Canada publishes ethanol regulations, biodiesel requirements pending

The Canadian government recently finalized regulations that will require gasoline to contain 5 percent renewable fuel content starting on Dec. 15. However, regulations relating to renewable content in diesel and heating oil are still pending.READ MORE Global Sustainable Bioenergy

Biodiesel from Waste and Low-Value Feedstocks: A panel preview

Over the past couple of years the biodiesel industry has trended toward utilizing fewer virgin oils, largely due to economic factors of depending on the more expensive refined materials, and has relied on low-value waste oils such as used cooking oil. Interest in securing and processing even lower-valued materials, such as trap grease and sewer grease, is also on the rise. BBI International's Southeast Biomass Conference & Trade Show, Nov. 2-4 in Atlanta, will feature a panel on this very topic, titled, "Biodiesel from Waste and Low-Value Feedstocks."READ MORE

Biodiesel fuels Midwest beer tour

Ft. Collins, Colo.-based New Belgium Brewing cycled through the Midwest portion of its renowned 13-city, national bicycle festival dubbed the Tour de fat-aptly named after the brewery's signature Fat Tire beer-and welcomed a generous supply of B100 supplied by Ames, Iowa-based producer Renewable Energy Group Inc. at events hosted in Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee. REG provided B100 made from corn oil at its 30 MMgy facility in Newton, Iowa, to Fort Dodge, Iowa-based Decker Truck Lines LLC, which served as the event hauler for the Midwest portion of the Tour de Fat.READ MORE

Peugeot introduces diesel hybrid model

French automaker Peugeot is poised to enter the hybrid race with the introduction of the world's first diesel-electric version of its 3008 series crossover Hybrid4 model. The 3008 Hybrid4 model will feature innovative technology, including its distinction as the first production light-duty diesel hybrid and the first using through-the-road hybrid technology.READ MORE

Researchers look to E. coli for biodiesel

A team of researchers from Rutgers University and Harvard University is working with a well-known microorganism to aid in the production of biodiesel. The research, based on the E. coli microorganism, commonly associated with food poisoning, is being led by Desmond Lun, associate professor of computer science at Rutgers. Lun and his team are working to modify the genetic make-up of the E. coli organism, creating a strain of the bacteria that overproduces fatty acids which can then be used in biodiesel production.READ MORE
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