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The 2011 Biodiesel Plant Map
Posted December 8, 2010



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Major milestone in US transition to ULSD

This week marked a major milestone for the nation's transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel as all highway diesel fuel in the U.S. complies with the landmark 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur standard-a 97 percent reduction in sulfur content from diesel's 2006 levels.READ MORE

Imperium CEO: Use biomass for liquid fuels and chemicals, not power

The number of biomass applications might be massive, but for some, there's one approach that offers the best long-term value of all-liquid renewable fuels. In support of that view is John Plaza, president and CEO of Imperium Renewables Inc., which owns the 100 MMgy biodiesel production facility in Grays Harbor, Wash. According to him, the best use for biomass relates to getting from point A to point B. "Our perspective is that biomass is much better suited for liquid conversion then electricity due to the multiple solutions for renewable electricity, and the very limited solutions for liquid transportation replacements."READ MORE Pacific West Biomass Conference & Trade Show

Algae pilot project underway in Chile

A new algae-based biodiesel project is underway in Chile. On Dec. 3 Chile-based E-CL announced that a corporate technological consortium, Algae Fuel S.A., is pursuing a project to produce second-generation biodiesel from microalgae. The consortium was formed by E-CL, Copec, Pontifica, Universidad Catolica de Chile, Rentapack and Bioscan. According to information released by E-CL, the project is supported by the government agency InnovaChile of Corfo.READ MORE

Consortium to study biojet fuel in Brazil

TAM Airlines, Curcas Diesel Brasil and Brazil Ecodiesel have formed a collaborative alliance to conduct feasibility studies for an integrated project to produce sustainable biokerosene jet fuel in Brazil. The joint effort has the support of aircraft maker Airbus and Air BP, BP's aviation fuel distribution division. The group intends to use diverse sources of biomass with a particular focus on jatropha produced by family farms and large plantations in Brazil. TAM Airlines is implementing a jatropha placement trail in an area of 4.35 hectares (approximately 11 acres) with the purpose of assessing the sustainability of different production models in order to identify the best techniques and genetic material.READ MORE

Port of San Francisco approves 10 MMgy plant

The Port of San Francisco may be the new home to a 10 MMgy biodiesel production facility. After nearly two years of multiple reviews and environmental analysis assessments, the Port Commission of San Francisco approved a proposal by Darling International to convert part of a tallow rendering plant into a biodiesel facility. In 2006 there was interest in biodiesel, according to Richard Berman, regulatory specialist for the real estate division of the Port of San Francisco. At the time, Darling International was sending tallow products off to cosmetics and soaps manufacturers, and then the company proposed to divert some of that to biodiesel, Berman said. "We agreed upon a set of terms for them to modify their lease, which would allow them to make biodiesel."READ MORE

Bush tax cuts may revive US biodiesel credit

Don't count the U.S. biodiesel tax incentive out just yet. Now, caught in the debate over estate, payroll and income tax rates included in the Bush-era tax cuts, there is a strong possibility the that the retroactive $1 per gallon federal biodiesel blenders tax credit may have another chance at renewal soon. While there is no official legislative text yet, Congress and President Obama have reportedly reached a compromise on the framework of a bill that would extend a plethora of soon-to-expire taxes.READ MORE
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