Idaho researchers compare biodiesel stability additives

Researchers at the University of Idaho released results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of four different oxidative stability additives for biodiesel. The project addressed the impact of antioxidant additives on both new and degraded fuels.

Bioconcept car to run on a renewable diesel, biodiesel blend

The racing season is in full swing across the globe for nearly every type of vehicle, and for two teams set to compete in a 24-hour race in Germany, a blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel might be the secret to earning a victory.

Military diesel hybrid featured at Indianapolis 500 event

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide announced that the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center demonstrated its Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle as part of special events ramping up to the Indianapolis 500.

BioMCN aims to develop wood-to-methanol plant in Netherlands

A company in the northern region of the Netherlands that already produces second-generation biobased methanol from glycerin, BioMCN, is working to develop a new plant that would produce the same chemical from woody biomass.

Pilot algae facility in Holland targets wastewater streams

A pilot-scale project in Olgergen, Holland, is investigating the use of algae cultivation as a method to remove nutrients from wastewater. The project, under development by Ingrepro Renewables, is housed at Waterstromen bv.

Back in business: Iowa governor signs biodiesel legislation

Iowa's biodiesel industry is putting people back to work and reclaiming its leadership position. The IBB praised comprehensive legislation signed by Governor Terry Branstad today that will give the state industry an edge in the national marketplace.

Vermont heating oil to contain biodiesel

Vermont will require that all heating oil sold in the state contain a 3 percent biodiesel blend (B3) beginning July 2012, increasing to 7percent (B7) by 2016. Vermont becomes the ninth state in the nation to pass a statewide biodiesel requirement.

Order placed for OriginOil's algae extraction system in Australia

MBD Energy Ltd. has placed a firm order for a large-scale algae extraction system from California-based OriginOil Inc. to be installed at its coal power station in Tarong, Australia. The order follows recent trials of the equipment by MBD.

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