Eslinger Biodiesel awarded $6M from CEC to build plant in Fresno

According to the California Energy Commission, the first phase of the $32 million refinery is expected to be operating within a year of funding, producing 5 MMgy of biodiesel from WVO and animal fats. Eventual production is expected to be 45 MMgy.

Methes Energies signs contract for biodiesel sale of 1.2M gallons

Methes Energies Canada has signed a contract with a U.S. client for the delivery of 50 railcars of ASTM quality biodiesel. The delivery of approximately 1.2 million gallons of biodiesel will take place over the next several weeks, said the firm.

UFOP: rapeseed is hard to trade in Germany right now

Because of tight calculations based on low rapeseed oil prices, processors aren't willing to accept the prices asked. Making reference to the scarcity of supply, suppliers are asking for a markup on contract prices quoted at the futures exchange.

Iowa biodiesel production positioned to double under new goal

At the Iowa Biodiesel Board's annual Day on the Hill, IBB leaders said with encouragement, Iowa biodiesel production could double by 2022 as a part of a new national goal. Last week, the National Biodiesel Board unveiled the new goal: "10x22."

US patent issued for BDR's ceramic membrane reactor technology

BDR announced that a patent entitled "Apparatus and Method for Biofuel Production" has been issued. It covers the commercial application of BDR's ceramic membrane reactor technology for the production of biodiesel and fatty acid acyl esters (FAAE).

How a microbial biorefinery regulates genes

Microorganisms that can break down plant biomass into the precursors of biodiesel or other commodity chemicals might one day be used to produce alternatives to petroleum. But potential is limited since most microorganisms cannot break down lignin.

Big Island Biodiesel names Griffith plant operations manager

John G. Griffith, a Maui local returning to Hawaii after 30 years on the mainland, will be overseeing daily plant operations at the 5.5 MMgy Big Island Biodiesel plant to ensure optimal performance and adherence to standard operating procedures.

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