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Has the world gone mad?
Posted May 6, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biochemical firms look to capitalize biodiesel industry

Today, biochemical production is a small but growing sector of a larger biofuel market. Industrial chemicals, while offering a smaller market than that for fuel, could also offer steadier prices to a target market. This notion could hold substantial credence, particularly at a time when biodiesel producers are experiencing a decreased demand for their product. Couple this with a concurrent decrease in price for biodiesel compared to diesel prices and stagnant crude oil prices, biodiesel companies continue to operate well below installed capacity.READ MORE

Minnesota moves to B5, upping standard, benefits

Minnesota is again leading the nation in the charge to keep valuable jobs in the U.S., decrease dependence on foreign oil and lessen environmental impacts. The state is the first to require that diesel fuel contain a 5 percent blend of homegrown, renewable biodiesel."Increasing biodiesel in our diesel fuel allows us to take advantage of a renewable fuel made in Minnesota, which in addition to being environmentally responsible also adds to our state's bottom line," said Ed Hegland, a Minnesota soybean farmer and chairman of the National Biodiesel Board.READ MORE Aaron Equipment

Greenpeace: biodiesel not seen as significant driver in Amazon deforestation

In July 2006, after Greenpeace International authored a report claiming that soya farming was the leading driver of Amazon deforestation, ADM, Cargill and other members of Brazil's vegetable oil and grain exporting industries "agreed to a voluntary moratorium on trading soy harvested from newly deforested areas in the Amazon biome for a period of two years," said Bunge Ltd. in a company statement. "The intent was to relieve pressure on the Amazon biome, so work could be undertaken by government, industry, farmers and environmental groups to ensure its long-term protection." The moratorium is scheduled to end in July after the original agreement was extended last year.READ MORE

OriginOil partners with Desmet Ballestra

Algal oil extraction company OriginOil Inc. reported it has partnered with Belgium-based oil and fats technology developer Desmet Ballestra, in order to create a more cost-efficient algae oil extraction system. OriginOil CEO and President Riggs Eckelberry announced the partnership during a speaking engagement at the National Algae Association's fifth quarterly meeting, at which he discussed potential gains from OriginOil's technology breakthrough.READ MORE

NBB statement on RFS2 proposed rule

Manning Feraci, vice president of federal affairs for the National Biodiesel Board issued a statement on U.S. EPA's proposed rule for the RFS2. Feraci said, "It appears that the EPA, in determining the greenhouse gas profile for biodiesel, is penalizing the U.S. biodiesel industry for land use decisions made outside the U.S., which have little if anything to do with the domestic biodiesel production. A final rule that is based on questionable science and structured in a manner that restricts the role of sustainable vegetable oils in the program will make it nearly impossible to meet the Advanced Biofuels goals established by statute."READ MORE

Biodiesel from wastes commended by EPA, not so for soy-based fuel

Life cycle analysis of Greenhouse gas (GHG) for biodiesel is a new part of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) and, under the proposed parameters established by U.S. EPA, biodiesel made from waste vegetable oils or yellow grease is among the top performing environmental fuels. The National Biodiesel Board, the American Soybean Association and others, however, think the EPA proposed ruling for the implementation of RFS2 is potentially damaging to soy and virgin vegetable oil-based biodiesel.READ MORE
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