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Up in arms over EPA rule
Posted June 10, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biodiesel industry comments at EPA hearing

The biofuels industry was out in force June 9 to testify at the U.S. EPA hearing on its proposed rule to implement the Renewable Fuels Standard passed in the 2007 Energy Bill. Nearly 60 people were on the docket for five minute oral testimonies, including several from the biodiesel industry, along with ethanol and advanced biofuels advocates, environmentalists and others. The hearing was followed by a two-day workshop dealing with the most contentious facet of the proposed rule-the use of indirect land use greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in life cycle analyses.READ MORE

EPA's Clean Diesel Program up and running

The Clean Diesel Program administered by the U.S. EPA is up and running, creating an opportunity for biodiesel in meeting a goal of reducing diesel emissions. The National Clean Diesel Campaign, funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009, is a multifaceted program focused on promoting economic recovery, creating jobs and reducing diesel emissions. The use of biodiesel fuel is one recognized retrofit technology used to reduce diesel engine emissions, and the NCDC is creating greater demand for the renewable fuel said Carlos Guzman, president of Global Alternative Fuels LLC in El Paso, Texas.READ MORE Bioenergy Canada

Neste commits to 100 percent sustainable palm

Neste Oil Corp. announced a commitment to exclusively use certified palm "when sufficient volumes become available." The company states it believes this will be possible by the end of 2015. In its announcement released June 4, Neste said it recently received its first cargo of 5,000 tons (600,000 gallons) of palm oil from certified sources, and it expects to use at least 50,000 tons of certified palm oil this year.READ MORE

Market found for portable biodiesel processors

While industrial size plants have gotten built without opening-signaling the struggles of the commercial biodiesel industry-there's a company known as Springboard Biodiesel in Chico, Calif., that's flourishing. Its business model, based on the sales of portable biodiesel processing units capable of producing only 36,000 gallons per year, is experiencing accelerated growth. "There is market out there for serving the small-scale biodiesel producers that aren't going to sell the fuel, but process it for their own uses," said Matt Roberts of Springboard.READ MORE

NBB distributes fire safety materials

Following a fire at a Minnesota biodiesel plant, the National Biodiesel Board reminded the industry that it has long partnered with the International Association of Fire Chiefs to prepare and distribute safety training materials. NBB has posted the new "Biodiesel: Response Considerations" safety resource on its Web site ( and is mailing copies to NBB producer members to work with their local fire departments. The IAFC will distribute 2,700 copies.READ MORE

Lubricant additive addresses fuel dilution issues with biodiesel blends

For those concerned about using a B20 blend in late-model diesels that employ post-injection for controlling emissions, Chevron Oronite Company LLC developed a unique engine oil additive to help combat serious engine wear associated with methyl ester dilution in the engine oil crankcase. The engine oil additive Chevron Oronite developed is designed to counter the effect of the acids, so they don't aggressively attack the metal; and also to prevent oxidation and formation of deposits.READ MORE

WASDE: Soybean stocks tighten on record exports

USDA lowered its projections for beginning and ending stocks in the 2009-'10 marketing year reflecting higher expected exports and crush for 2008-'09. The June 10 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report raised soybean exports for 2008-'09 to a record 1.25 billion bushels reflecting record sales and increased projected imports for China and reduced soybean exports from Argentina. Projected soybean exports for Argentina for 2008-'09 were reduced 2 million tons to 5.4 million, the lowest in nine years.READ MORE
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