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Silver Lining in EPA Cloud for Some
Posted June 17, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

Biodiesel in plans for future tests at Transonic

Transonic Combustion Inc., Camarillo, Calif., has received a lot of attention this past month after it completed its third round of capital fund raising with the help of high profile clean-tech investor, Khosla Ventures. "We feel pretty excited to have completed our third round of funding in the current economic environment," said Eric Sharp of Transonic. "We're doing some pretty remarkable things here."READ MORE

Eastern US sees recent push in terminal activity

The last few weeks have seen some heightened activity for biodiesel fuel terminal operations in the eastern half of the U.S., spurred mostly by mandates and government directives. Construction has started on Orlando, Fla.'s $2.5 million biodiesel blending station meant to serve its public bus agency and Bay State Biofuels LLC is building a distribution facility in North Andover, Mass.READ MORE Bioenergy Canada

Mission completes second plant in Malaysia

Mission New Energy Ltd. has begun commissioning its second biodiesel refinery, built next to its first 30 MMgy plant which began production in mid-2008 in Kuantan Port, Malaysia. Under the EPC contract with KNM Group Bhd., Mission's new plant is required to run continuously for a period of two days during which performance of the plant will be tested. The 250,000 metric ton per year plant (approximately 75 MMgy) is using a second generation, heterogeneous catalyst developed by technology provider Axens, a subsidiary of IFP Group Technologies.READ MORE

GreenHunter shares surge

On the same day that Texas-based GreenHunter Energy Inc. announced the appointment of Ronald Ormand to the company's board of directors, its shares surged 62 percent to close at $1.86 on June 9, and rose to $2.15 in after-hours trading. Ormand had been previously employed with WestLB AG, a German bank that has served as GreenHunter's primary lender, the company stated.READ MORE

EOS introduces MicroCglycerin for denitrification

Environmental Operating Solutions Inc. has introduced MicroCgylcerin as a non-hazardous, environmentally-sustainable alternative to methanol for denitrification applications at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The trademarked MicroCglycerin is derived from crude glycerin, a natural co-product of the nation's growing biodiesel industry. As monitoring of the nation's surface water quality intensifies, wastewater treatment facilities in the United States are increasingly required to upgrade their plants for enhanced nitrogen removal, EOS explained in its product release announcement.READ MORE

Successful pennycress trials fuel biodiesel plans

Preliminary results from pennycress field trials in Illinois are showing promising yields and adding to the knowledge base for the weed being developed as a biodiesel feedstock. Peter Johnsen, chief technology officer for Biofuels Manufacturers of Illinois LLC, said the trials conducted around Illinois indicate the new crop will likely yield 2,000 pounds per acre consistently. The trials were designed to compare planting dates, plant density, planting depth and other agronomic characteristics.READ MORE

Biodiesel blend performs as well as ULSD

Those worried about a performance drop-off going from standard diesel fuel to the more environmentally friendly B20 biodiesel blend can ease their minds. A new Purdue University study shows that there is almost no statistical performance difference in semitrailer trucks using B20, a 20-percent blend of biodiesel, and No. 2 ultra-low sulfur diesel, the current standard. "In terms of performance, reliability and maintenance costs, it was basically a wash," said John Lumkes, the assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering who led the study. "The only differences are environmental and economic."READ MORE

Biodiesel industry comments at EPA hearing

The biofuels industry was out in force June 9 to testify at the U.S. EPA hearing on its proposed rule to implement the Renewable Fuels Standard passed in the 2007 Energy Bill. Nearly 60 people were on the docket for five minute oral testimonies, including several from the biodiesel industry, along with ethanol and advanced biofuels advocates, environmentalists and others. The hearing was followed by a two-day workshop dealing with the most contentious facet of the proposed rule-the use of indirect land use greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in life cycle analyses.READ MORE
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