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Is it responsible environmental policy or oppression of the poor?
Posted October 14, 2009



National Biodiesel Conference
February 4-7, 2013 - Las Vegas Nevada

New Generation expands to Puerto Rico, Atlantic Canada

New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc. is expanding the reach of its emulsification technology into Puerto Rico and Canada.READ MORE

Tri-State combats biodiesel myths, recognized for social innovation

New York City's feedstock procurement firm, Tri-State Biodiesel LLC, which provides recycled restaurant greases to biodiesel producers, has received the 2009 Innovation Award from the Social Venture Network. Brent Baker, CEO of Tri-State, has been a member of SVN for several years and will be accepting the award at the organization's fall conference, which starts Oct. 22 in La Jolla, Calif.READ MORE 1

Hawaiian Electric chooses REG to supply biodiesel for generation station testing

Hawaiian Electric Company announced on Oct. 14 that it has signed a contract with a subsidiary of Iowa-based Renewable Energy Group Inc. to supply 400,000 gallons of renewable, clean-burning biodiesel to be used to conduct biodiesel operational testing and collect additional emissions data for the new Campbell Industrial Park Generating Unit.READ MORE

First quarter reports hard time for Cargill

Often there's a let-down after a record year. Cargill today reported net earnings of $525 million in the fiscal 2010 first quarter ending Aug. 31, down 65 percent from the record $1.49 billion in the same period a year ago. The Minneapolis-based processor mentioned its investment in The Mosaic Company, a crop nutrition company that specializes in concentrated phosphate and potash marketing, for weighing down the current fiscal performance.READ MORE

RWE plans to generate electricity from algal diesel

Renewed World Energies Corp. has begun work on a 5 acre site to turn algae biomass into green diesel and electricity at Georgetown, S.C., with a goal of being in production by late 2010. Between 3 and 4 acres of photo-bioreactors are planned to produce algae-based fuels to generate electrical energy.READ MORE

From beakers to reactors: a perspective from small-scale suppliers

Small-scale suppliers developed their business as they watched the mega-scale biodiesel plants go broke or sit idle. They don't just sell plastic cones and rubber hoses to garage-based brewers anymore. They sell everything from standalone processors for personal production to lab and testing equipment for commercial facilities.READ MORE

Biodiesel process equipment auction Nov. 12

On Nov. 12, RPL Holdings Inc. will auction "surplus" biodiesel process equipment developed by process technology provider Greenline Industries LLC, which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. The auction, marketed by Maas Companies Inc., will feature six 10 MMgy biodiesel production trains, or lines, for sale individually or as a package deal.READ MORE
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