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Permanente Corporation

Developers of patented and proprietary technology for high volume and low cost production of agribusiness by-products and woody based biomass into GRC88™ a family of green renewable and sustainable biofuels, biocarbon, bio-oils, renewable diesel and marine fuels and biochar moisture and nutrient holding soil amendments. GRC88™ products are energy dense, free of toxics, sulfur, heavy metals, burn clean and have no carbon footprint and cost less than other biofuels. Marine fuel GRC88™ is a drop-in fuel for large Sulzer type low speed two cycle marine propulsion systems. All products are suitable for heat and power. We can tailor all fuels and production to meet customer needs. We sequester 2.8 tons of CO2 for every ton of GRC88™ biochar.

2121 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 800

Los Angeles, CA 90067

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  • Process Technology - Biodiesel
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