July 2005

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Business Briefs

ADM names North American oilseed crushing president



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

NBB In Sight

By Joseph Jobe


Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero


Talking Point

By Kevin C. Brague


SDSP soybean processing plant

Pure and Simple

By Tom Bryan

Volga, S.D.-based South Dakota Soybean Processors is now offering SoyPure, a trademarked pretreated virgin soybean oil tailored for biodiesel production. Meanwhile, a large customer is about to come on line in neighboring Minnesota.

In 1996, Ag Processing Inc. pioneered the biodiesel industry by building the nation's first purpose-built biodiesel production facility. A decade later, the co-op is expanding production and reinventing itself once more.

Bush visits with Virginia Biodiesel Refinery Owner Dough Faulkner.

Presidental Presence

By Jessica Williams

In May, President George W. Bush visited Virginia Biodiesel Refinery Inc. near New Kent, Va., not only to see biodiesel production firsthand but also to show Americans that he is serious about a national energy policy.

The United Soybean Board's Eric Niemann stands next to the B2 pump.

Biodiesel Outlet

By Dave Nilles

Through efforts by the Delaware Soybean Board, Indian River Marina boaters are now enjoying cleaner air and water by using biodiesel. It's possible that the rest of the state isn't far behind.

Texas is a legendary Republic, world-renowned for its admiration of the laissez faire approach to economics, social policy and public oversight. Ironically, bioidesel proponents find themselves bound by Austin's upcoming Low Emission Diesel rule, which do away with the sale of untreated biodiesel blends for 80 percent of the Lone Star state's population by October.

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