May/June 2004

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Business Briefs

Biodiesel Alliance announces contest winners



Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero

Jayaraman (left) with Markham, Ontario Deputy Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Talking Ploint

By Govindh Jayaraman


Minneapolis-based Crown Iron Works is dedicated to continually improving its biodiesel process technology.

Madison, Wisconsin-based Biodiesel Systems LLC has landed a process technology licensing agreement with Germany's Agrar Technik. With a long-term approach, this partnership is poised to accomplish big things.

Alkoxide catalysts-a sodium methylate or potassium methylate solution in methanol-can be an economical alternative for commercial-scale biodiesel production where annual capacity exceeds 5 million gallons. The majority of large-scale biodiesel plants in Europe can't be wrong.

Learning Curve

By Jessica Williams

James Madison University Fuels Diversification Program graduates brilliant biodiesel minds

The world's top ethanol producing nation has joined the biodiesel revolution.

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