Oct/Nov 2004

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Business Briefs

Mirabito to receive $142,000 for biodiesel stations



Point of View

By Joseph Jobe

Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan

Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerero

Talking Point

By Christine Paquette


Rep. Hulshof visits with NBB Chairman Metz, right, in Washington, D.C.

Making Cents

By Jessica Willams

The biodiesel excise tax credit housed in the American JOBS Creation Act of 2004 wasn't necessarily the long-term guarantee project developers had wished for, but the legislation has given existing U.S. producers and distributors something to smile about.

In just six years, Chelsea, Mass.-based World Energy Alternatives has built the largest biodiesel distribution network in the United States, operating a delivery infrastructure with national reach.

Cetane 2000 is an analytical method that utilizes this diesel fuel analyzer.

Mid-Infrared Fuel Analysis

By Dr. G. Patrick Ritz & Dr. Michael Croudace

A new technology allows blenders to accurately analyze biodiesel blends. Designed for laboratory or field use, Cetane 2000 provides important diesel fuel quality information wherever it is needed.

The Baca Street Biofuels Station is the first triple renewable fuels dispenser in the United States.

Take Your Pick

By Tom Bryan

Renewable Energy Partners of New Mexico has created a one-of-a-kind pump that offers Santa Fe drivers a choice of B20, E85 or E10

Biodiesel on Backup

By Larry B. Barrett

When standby generators are used for power generation in non-emergency conditions, stringent emissions regulations are sometimes a factor. Sounds like a good time to use biodiesel, doesn't it?

For Pure Energy Corporation, shipping U.S.-made biodiesel to India is more than just another export opportunity. It's a chance to help a nation of 1.2 billion people set meaningful, lasting fuel quality standards.

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