August 2008

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REG acquires U.S. Biodiesel Group




Passenger diesels were a hard sell in the United States more than a generation ago. Even though the diesels of today are not those of yesterday, will the experience be different this time around?

Neptune Industries grows hybrid striped bass for restaurants and retailers. The waste from the fish and uneaten food fertilize the company's algae production system.

From Fish Farm to Fuel

By Jerry W. Kram / Photos By Charlotte Southern

The steep rise in fuel prices is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate and discover new low-cost feedstocks for biofuels production. Neptune Industries, a Florida company, is looking to collect waste generated byits fish farming operation to fertilize algae production for biodiesel feedstocks.

Dumpsters used to store yellow grease are usually found behind restaurants, often as far away from the back door as possible. Some are concealed behind privacy fences, but many are out in the open to allow the collector easy access to the dumpster. T

Grease: Worth Its Weight in Gold?

By Kris Bevill / Story and Photos

Biodiesel producers aren't the only ones feeling the sting of high feedstock prices. As the cost of biodiesel feedstocks increases, grease thieves have started to take notice. Grease thefts are on the rise across the country.

Sustainability is an all-encompassing, hard-to-define term that is acquiring fuller meaning for the palm oil industry as it prepares to ship the first certified sustainable palm oil to European markets.

Corn oil from distillers dried grains contains a variety of impurities, some of which have settled out and are visible at the bottom of the bottle.

A Synergistic Pairing

By Dave Nilles

Ethanol and biodiesel have more in common than just a geographical footprint. With corn oil, the industries are edging closer to a relationship that could aid both as feedstock prices rise.

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