December 2008

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Business Briefs

Algae grower acquires funding




Sizing Up the Soybean Market

By Susanne Retka Schill

New currents are influencing the soybean market-crude oil has a bigger influence than ever before, the relationship with corn is changing, global food and feed demand growth is slowing while U.S. food use declines.


Transition Period

By Ron Kotrba

The federal renewable fuels standard calls for 500 million gallons of biomass-based diesel to be used in 2009. Many questions remain as to how this will play out.

The biodiesel industry survived a tough 2008 and can look forward to a new year full of challenges and opportunities. Biodiesel Magazine spoke with industry representatives about the major issues facing biodiesel producers in 2009 and how they plan to address those concerns.

Glycerin markets are expected to remain volatile throughout 2009. Factors such as the global economic crisis and falling commodity prices are expected to have an impact on pricing, supply and demand for crude and refined glycerin. In addition, crude glycerin imports from Southeast Asia, Europe and Argentina may continue to pressure prices.

Bees are important for production of oilseeds, including the canola shown here.

Bees Essential for Biodiesel

By Anduin Kirkbride McElroy

Pollinators are vital to agriculture yet are often taken for granted. The number of pollinators has been steadily declining, a dismal prospect that could have unexpected consequences for oilseed crop production and bioenergy as a whole.

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