March 2011

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Staff

Advanced Biofuels
BRIGHT MINDS: NextCAT Inc. founders, from left, Simon Ng and Charles and Steven Salley, are excited to build a demo plant later this year.

The Hand That Feeds

By Bryan Sims


Ron Kotrba

Straight Talk

By Ron Kotrba

Zachary D. Olson

Using Private Placements for Initial Financing

By Todd A. Taylor and Zachary D. Olson


Peter Brown, co-founder of International Procurement Tools, talks with Biodiesel Magazine about everything from the failure of his brother's company, Greenline Industries, to predictions on what's in store for the industry in coming years.

Whatever It Takes

By Ron Kotrba

A candid conversation with Peter Brown, co-founder of International Procurement Tools

SHOCKING TECHNOLOGY:  Cavitation-based reactors may offer an answer for tougher biodiesel standards.

Ready to Burst

By Luke Geiver

A two-grade system would force the industry to respond. Luckily, cavitation technology is here.

The biodiesel tax credit is back for another year. What will 2011 bring for the industry?

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