2017 Summer Issue

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ron Kotrba


Donnell Rehagen, CEO, National Biodiesel Board

Application of America-first Approach to RVOs Well-intended, But Misses the Mark

By Donnell Rehagen

PolicyNorth America


A Georgia-based joint venture is combining enzymatic and resin technologies with advanced distillation to convert brown grease to low-sulfur biodiesel. The plan is to prove out the process and make the technology available to the entire industry.

Biodiesel Magazine profiles seven companies providing invaluable services, expertise and products that have helped build, grow and sustain the biodiesel manufacturing sector.


Evonik's Viscoplex CFIs can improve the low-temperature properties of FAMEs by controlling the waxy structures formed at low temperatures. This is made possible by their ability to co-crystallize with the saturated methyl esters in the FAME solution.

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