July 2006

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Business Briefs

Xethanol looks into biodiesel ventures



Bryan T

Editor's Note

By Bryan T

NBB In Sight

By Joe Jobe


Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson and Todd Guerrero


Leland Tong

Permitted to Proceed

By Dave Nilles

It looks like environmental permitting could be a bigger issue in the U.S. biodiesel industry than previously thought. With some producers reportedly partially eschewing the process, it's important to end any such trend before it becomes widespread. While certainly not a "how-to" article, Biodiesel Magazine talks to some industry experts about an issue that's apparently coming to a head.

Crushing Questions

By Dave Nilles

A growing trend in the biodiesel industry is major oilseed players building large-scale plants near crush facilities. However, experts say the key isn't where you build, but where you're getting your feedstock from.

In the United States, starch-based ethanol from corn, and biodiesel often derived from soy oil, each serve great functions as renewable fuels in their respective markets. Although both fuels are renewable, they couldn't be more different otherwise. Trace these differences back to their roots, though, and an indisputable commonality exists-the need for farmland.

Loading Up on B20

By Anduin Kirkbride McElroy

Darcy Vaillant wants the mountains east of Vancouver, British Columbia, to maintain their beauty, as well as their fishing spots, for future generations. As manager of maintenance for Terminal Systems Inc., the biggest container terminal in Canada, he is in a position to be able to make a significant impact on diesel emissions coming out of the Port of Vancouver.

An independent campaign for governor is a hard row to hoe in Texas, but self-appointed biodiesel spokesman Kinky Friedman has his sights on the top office. As the gubernatorial race draws into the homestretch for the November vote, the novelist, musician and comedian may be a real contender for the title. Biodiesel Magazine relays perspectives from Lone Star State industry stakeholders on an unusual champion and eccentric supporter.

Covering Biodiesel

By Holly Jessen

IMA Financial Group Inc., an insurance brokerage company, doesn't just work with biodiesel producers-it makes it a priority to understand the industry and educate insurance providers about the growing biodiesel industry. Within its dedicated Biofuels Practice Group, IMA associates focus on services biodiesel producers need.

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