January 2007

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Business Briefs

Rainey joins Nova Biosource board




Legal Perspective

By Todd J. Guerrero and Mark J. Hanson

Talking Point

By Frank Schoneveld and James Arneill


Editor's Note

By Tom Bryan


Thanks to a growing start-up company, residents and restaurant owners in Loveland, Colo., can choose a more environmentally responsible method to recycle used cooking oil. Rocky Mountain Sustainable Enterprises is collecting a substance few want, or even know what to do with, and preprocessing it for biodiesel production at an area plant.

As American soldiers continue to hold their position in turbulent foreign environments, at home the U.S. armed forces have been striving to reduce their petroleum footprint by employing biodiesel in non-tactical applications.

Decker Truck Line Inc. is embarking on the 2 Million Mile Haul, a real-world study of how biodiesel affects over-the-road trucks.

The Long Haul

By Holly Jessen

Widespread acceptance of biodiesel by the trucking industry would certainly grease the wheels of the biofuels industry. Biodiesel advocates are gaining ground with many truck drivers and trucking companies, but the campaign has just begun.

Ullrich’s B100 refueling station, fittingly located near rapeseed crops, exudes the company image of progressiveness.

Total Package Fleet

By Ron Kotrba

How can trucking firms of all sizes avoid volatile diesel prices and at the same time protect the environment? That's easy-by producing clean-burning, renewable fuel themselves.

It's been a year since DaimlerChrysler announced its support of B20 for use in 2007 Dodge Ram fleet trucks. Now Biodiesel Magazine speaks with the automaker and Detroit-based nonprofit NextEnergy about how this approval might fit in with the development of an industry-accepted B20 quality standard.

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